3 scaitica stretches to ease your pain

3 Sciatica Stretches to Ease Your Pain

There are several different methods that can be employed to mitigate sciatica pain and aid with the healing process. In this article, I will look at stretching exercises. Thousands of sufferers who have done sciatica stretches daily have reported that their pain subsided and they had relief.

So, why do stretches work?

When you practice specific sciatica stretches you boost blood circulation in the muscles and this results in cellular oxygenation. Usually when the sciatic nerve is pressed or pinched, it experiences oxygen deprivation. The stretches will remedy this problem. When there is fresh blood flowing around the nerve, there will be a certain degree of relief that will last for a few hours.

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Now let’s look at 3 different types of stretches that you can do whenever you have time to spare. You do not need any special equipment. Just some space and privacy is all you need to do these stretches.

Piriformis stretch

Lie down on the floor with your back flat on the ground. Cross your right leg over your left leg. Now bring your left leg up towards your chest and interlock your palms around the back of your left thigh. Slowly pull your leg towards you chest.

sciatica piriformis stretch

This move will stretch your piriformis muscle in the gluteal region of your lower limb. To the layman, these are known as your butt muscles. Hold the stretch for about ten to fifteen seconds. This may seem a bit challenging. Release and return to the starting position and repeat the stretch with the other leg. This exercise is very effective for treating sciatic nerve pain.

Reclined hamstring stretch

This stretch is similar to piriformis stretch. You will start by lying in the floor and bringing one of your knees up towards your chest. Use your hands to pull the knee towards your chest. Unlike stretch one, you will not be crossing your leg.

hamstring stretch for sciatica


Pigeon pose

In yoga, this is known as the pigeon pose. You’ll start by kneeling on the floor on all fours. After that, bring your right leg forward and place the lower part of the leg horizontal to your body. Your right ankle should be in front of your left knee. Next, you will need to stretch your left leg backwards fully. The toes should point back with the top of the foot resting gently on the ground.

pigeon pose sciatica

Breathe deeply and hold the stretch for about 10 to 15 seconds. Support yourself with your hands so that you’re comfortable.


Sciatica can be frustrating, however when the right treatment is applied early enough, this condition can be healed completely! If you’re currently suffering from pain caused by sciatica, check out this article to find out why you’ve been treating it wrong and what is an effective strategy to treating sciatica at home. Click here to read more…